The first association of today’s assignment: Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1954, “Rear window”.

Second association: Movie with the same title as today’s task: “A room with the view” from 1985.

Third association: Current day. View into the virtual library with a myriad of bright, colorful drawers full of information.

Children in Japanese primary schools have to clean their classrooms.

In Singapore you aren’t allowed to eat chewing gum.

In Germany you aren’t allowed to mow the lawn on a Sunday.

You mustn’t eat with your left hand in India.

One hundred years ago, women in the UK couldn’t vote.

You are allowed to get married at 16 in the UK with your parents’ permission.

You are supposed to drive with your lights on during the day in Sweden.

In the USA aren’t allowed to burn your own money.

In the 19th century, female teachers in the USA weren’t allowed to get merried.

Solving the homework in English (above) through some kind of game – interesting way of learning.  A new window into the virtual/real world is opened.

The connection between these three associations of task: they are the entrances to internal world.

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