Music – universal language

I love music, very much. Think that I couldn’t live without it. When I wake up I turn on my radio. When I go out I put my mobile phone headset and listen to music I love.

I like different types of music (folk, classical, instrumental, pop, rock etc). Love to sing, dance and do my exercise with music.

Think you have understood: music makes a great part of my life. These three songs bellow are just a fraction of what I listen to and they are from Serbia, Croatia and FR of Macedonia. Maybe you would also like it. Enjoy !

1st song: Marija Sherifovic – „Prayer / Molitva “ (Serbia), 2007, Eurovison Song Contest.
When I listen this song I think about: homeland & language & people & music & family & friends & job & victory on ESC & pride & universal language of music & love for all people & happiness & joy & sublimity etc, etc.

2nd song: Female vocal group called „Neverin“ (Croatia) – „It is far / Daleko je „ 
Association of this song: „What is a man without moustache“ („Sto je muskarac bez brkova“) – excellent Croatian movie with this music in the introduction & power of love & excellent actors & life & some kind of comedy & happy ending & origin & etc.

3rd song: Toshe Proeski (FR Macedonia) – „Flowers in the field / Poljsko cvece“.

I am very emotionally attached to this singer. I haven’t been that lucky to meet him nor will it ever happen. He sang like a nightingale, different genres of music with the same success. I think that we could see goodness in his eyes, movements, beautiful voice. Unfortunately, he died very young but his songs will live forever. 

Ovaj unos je objavljen pod WRITING 101 i označen sa , , , , , , , . Zabeležite stalnu vezu.

4 reagovanja na Music – universal language

  1. Marina Majska kaže:

    🙂 bila, videla, pročitala! Idemo dalje!!!

  2. ivaberanek kaže:

    Lijepo! Dodjite vidjeti moje 🙂

    • tatjanamb kaže:

      Dobrodosli draga @ivaberanek ❤ . Sa zadovoljstvom cu svratiti do Vaseg bloga :OK: 🙂 . Za pocetak, rekla bih da govorimo istim/slicnim jezikom sto je meni dovoljno da pomislim – nashe smo 🙂 , a to je prvi znak da treba da krenem u vizitu. Veliki pozdrav Iva, citamo se ❤ .

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