Losses and gains, gains and losses (part 1)

Today’s Prompt: Write about loss (something or someone)

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This isn’t an easy task. Not at all. I think it’s very personal, needs excogitation and careful selection of words.

Assignment doesn’t need to be depressing – ok. But maybe it isn’t possible to be cheerful. And that is ok, too.

I think that everyone had many losses in his/her life and we will have many more. I am not pessimistic, just realistic. I think.

What does a loss mean to me? Many things: ups and downs, rainy and sunny days, tears and laugh, learning, life, a lot of different fillings. Perhaps the loss on the one hand is the gain on the other side. I believe it is. We are all winners when we find strength and understanding in ourselves to move on.

Why losses happened? Because that’s the way life works. Life is not a straight line without any curves. No one’s life.

What changed because of it? Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little bit. Perhaps the best thing with the losses and gains is that they change us. In a positive way, I hope.

And maybe, just maybe, when we lose something or someone perhaps we become freer and more open to other people and events. More open to ourselves. The end of one thing is probably the start of the other, new and better one.

Text: @ Tatjana MB
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2 reagovanja na Losses and gains, gains and losses (part 1)

  1. Amy Sampson kaže:

    Without struggle we would not grow, nor would be be able to fully appreciate the good things.

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