Letter without any letters

Universal conscience

Hot, sunny morning. Forty (*C) degrees, maybe more .Workday. Crowd on the street.

Little old lady walking quietly with bowed head. In the slippers, woolen socks and long, winter coat. Doesn’t speak anything.

I passed by her. Then stopped. Intuition, empathy… Don’t know.

I am going back. We looked et each other. A little help, outstretched arms.

Big, blue eyes, gratitude and love. Heart full of happiness. Smiles. Big smile from the bottom of my heart.

Letter without any letters from one to other and to the universal conscience. I hope that the letter made its circular path. Maybe it does right now.

Writen by: TMB

Original photo: http://www.the-universal-link.com/67ilm2v-1.jpg?0.7844391572352284


Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path.
Today’s twist: Approach this post in as a few words as possible.
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1 Response to Letter without any letters

  1. inidna says:

    A lovely and very original take for this day’s assignment! I love that picture of universal conscience 🙂

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