Return to the blogosphere

Since we started this writing course, not even one tasks was easy. A character – building experience with promp & twist – maybe it wouldn’t be difficult im my native language but in English… Well, it’s a little bit difficult, isn’t it ?

Who’s the most interesting pesron (or people) that I have met this year ? Every year has 12 months, even this, 2015. We are in april now, that means in 4th month of this year. Isn’t it to early to meet a person (or people) who’s interestong enough for writing challenge ? Well, maybe it isn’t, maybe it is.

However, assignment is in front of me, deadline is very close and I have no excuse or time to waste.

Maybe, one of the interesting persons is my English teacher. She is sweet, intelligent, good – looking young woman. I think that she knows very clearly what she wants from life and how to get it. She has quite good aproach to the students and English lessons and has very interesting way of teaching.

I couldn’t talk a lot about her character because (1) I haven’t profiled her (2) it wouldn’t be convenient to write about someone without his/her permission but her bahaviour, professionalism, way of dressing… speaks in favor of positive impression.  In this moment, the most important thing about her is that, thanks to her, I came back in the blogosphere. Some nice comments gave a wind to the sails and put me back to the virtual world after about 5 months of pause. That’s really fantastic because one thing led to another. After that “new beginning” I decided to participate in writing 101 challenge. And here I am. I am doing some of really interesting things – writing & English.

At the end I just want to tell two things. It is truth: no risk, no profit. Also, we never know what’s waiting behind next corner if we don’t check it. See you, folks 🙂 .

Writen by: Tatjana MB

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