Hope (Dust in the wind)

(Writing 101, 3rd Day assignment: One-word inspiration)

For you and me, for all of us.

For dust in the wind  and salt in the ocean.

For the Earth and some her beautiful creatures.

For the cry from wilderness and

For the scream of the soul.

For the peace inside and out

And piece of bread.

For clear mind and soul, freedom of speech and living.

For next morning and certainty.

For smiles and cheerful faces.

For you, man, although you don’t deserve it so often.

Hope as a grain of pea.

But you still have piece of that hope.

Hope for you.

And me.

For all of us.

/Written by Tatjana MB, right now/


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3 Responses to Hope (Dust in the wind)

  1. Love both the poem and the song. ❤

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