My little universe for writing

WP course, Writing 101, The space to write

6th Day, 6th Prompt. What I could say about space to write? I’ll try to write enough neither too much nor too little.

I can write in different places. I like some (not too) “special” conditions and I usually can provide them. Most often I haven’t problem to find the theme for writing but I have “to fight” for free time and against fatigue from the daily duties. I need some free space, not to loudly surroundings, enough of light and fresh air, headphones and appropriate music, pencil and paper or tablet/android/some better mobile and that’s it, I think. Sometimes the voice recorder could be enough for the  first phase. Of course, quality of the text will depend on the conditions in which I write, but each post has to satisfy a minimum of quality (by my standards) for setting up on the blog.

Dear readers if you like to suggest me what I can write about (or what you like to read on my blog) please visit my contact page and leave a comment with your precious ideas. Welcome and thanks for your feedback 🙂 .

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4 Responses to My little universe for writing

  1. Samc95xc says:

    Thanks for sharing your universe with us friend!
    Keep on writing!

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