Reasonable doubt

WP course, Day 10th, Let the scene write itself

It’s a cold sunny day. Almost everything is white because it’s snowing. The children are playing with the ball.  In some moment the ball rebounded into the woods. One child suddenly screams. The mother ran toward the screams and yelling: “Emma, Emma where are you ?” Fortunately, she found her daughter alive and well.

It’s night. Mitch is with his friends in the bar. They are drunk. Did I mention that Mitch is a lawyer? He is good looking guy, has a bright future at his work place and he is happily married. Mitch has a really nice wife and cute little daughter, Ella. He promised to Rachel that he will not drive when he drinks. “Mitch, how will you return to home ?” – asked Stew. “Don’t worry, I‘ll call a taxi.” Mitch takes a mobile to call a taxi but some teenagers try to break into his expensive car. “Hay, hay ! What do you want? Fu*ck… Now I can’t leave my car here.”

He was driving really slowly but all the time he feared that the police could arrest him. Because of this fear he wasn’t see a man in front of the car and he hit him. “Please, don’t leave me, please…”  – the man is begged. Mitch called 911 and ran away from the place of hit accident. He didn’t want any problems in his career or life. He felt guilty but he decided to lie. Next day the police arrested a murder suspect. How is that possible? If you like to know the rest of the story you have to watch reasonable doubt (it’s a good thriller).

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