Reasonable doubt – just a few more words

WP Course, Day 12, Critique a piece of work

Few days ago we have assignment named : Let the scene write itself. I choose to write about first 20 minutes of “Reasonable doubt” movie: “It’s a cold sunny day. Almost everything is white because it’s snowing. The children are playing and in some moment the ball rebounded into the woods. One child suddenly screams. The mother ran toward the screams…” The rest of this post you can read here .

“Reasonable doubt” is a thriller about Mitch, good looking and perspective lowyer who’s being involved in a hit and run accident but another man is arrested and charged for his crime. After that arise big changes in Mitch’s life..

In the movie staring Samuel L, Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Erin Karpluk ect. The film is quite recent (from 2014), very good (from 1-5 I think it deserve between 3 and 4 stars), a little bit predictible but good (realistic, good acting, solid point). If you like to watch crime movies – I recommend it.

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