Preciousness of feedback / Vaznost povratne informacije

Zahvaljujuci Duletu i njegovom komentaru na jucerasnji post – imam temu za danasnji zadatak: kratak tekst o dragocenosti povratnih informacija citalaca / dragih mi blogera ❤ . Hvala Dule i veliki pozdrav 🙂 !


WP Course, 15th Day: Take a cue from your readers

I suppose that there are some feedbacks on my blog but the most recent (and very important) comment is from today. It’s written by my dear blog friend Dule. 

Dule wrote that he like my posts in foreign language but he prefers post in native language (ex Yu) than posts in English. Not because he don’t like English or don’t understand my texts. I think that he feels more comfortable and closer to the subject when we talk in (our) native language (Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Montenegrin).

I agree with him. From personal experience I can say that (my) readers usually like to read in language that they considere as their. I really love to learn and try some (positive) new things (learning English, try WP online writing course, look for new audience etc) but I also love and respect all (my) readers/bloggers. Because of that, I prefer to combine bilingual posts with a slight accent to the native language.

Anyway, I am deeply grateful for so precious comment which means a lot to me. Thank you Dule ! Again ❤ 🙂 .

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2 Responses to Preciousness of feedback / Vaznost povratne informacije

  1. nena3110 says:

    I meni puno znače komentari, mnogo ih je manje nego što bih želela. Znam da to zavisi od kvaliteta posta mnogo više nego od reciprociteta, ili ja tebi-ti meni.
    Tvoji tekstovi su uvek zanimljivi, ti umeš sa malo teksta da kažeš puno.
    Nadam se da ću i ja biti sve bolja.

    • tatjanamb says:

      Dobar ti dan draga Neno ❤ 🙂 . I ja volim komentare bilo da ih ostavljam drugima bilo da ih vidim kod sebe. Kod tebe volim da dodjem jer si unikatna: nema druge Nene kao sto si ti – talentovana, kreativna, s dusom ❤ .

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