My today’s guests / Danasnji gosti

WP Course, Day 19: Feature a guest 

I didn’t have enough time for searching all blogs on our Novembar’s WP course but I visited some of them. I am really impressed with some posts, themes, inspirations, persons… Here they are:

(1) Beautiful but painful in the same time: Kathy wrote a very touching letter to her Mom. Thanks Kathy for sharing your thoughts and feeling with us ❤ .

(2) She asked herself and all of us: Does grace  exist ? What do you think about it ?

(3) This girl makes really good photos. Doesn’t it ?

(4) I know that I am not the only one on the Planet who loves music soooo much. Here is the proof 

(5) Between other things Mary Lou said: “Every day is a gift”. I think she is right.

Guys, I am very grateful that I found you. You were my today’s muse – thank you for that.

Wish you all the best 🙂 . 

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5 Responses to My today’s guests / Danasnji gosti

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks Tatjana for including me in your list! I appreciate it.

  2. mescalime says:

    I am honored to be featured as a guest in your post. Thank ‘ s a lot, Tatjana! Don’t forget to always live on the beat of your favorite song😊

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