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Text in native language is here . / Tekst na maternjem jeziku se nalazi ovde . Last month I mostly wrote articles in English (wordpress course, writing 101, November 2015) – view previous articles. In some of the following texts I will write about … Continue reading

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Just few words at the end

Dear WP Team and all participants, I am very satisfied with this course. It is my first experience of this type (I tried in april but I didn’t finish it). I learnt a lot of things from the course: some … Continue reading

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My today’s guests / Danasnji gosti

WP Course, Day 19: Feature a guest  I didn’t have enough time for searching all blogs on our Novembar’s WP course but I visited some of them. I am really impressed with some posts, themes, inspirations, persons… Here they are: (1) … Continue reading

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Music – more than inspiration… / Muzika – vise od inspiracije…

WP course, Day 18: Compose a series of anecdotes which ere connected with some tie. Music … I don’t like it, I love it… My 1st day and the 1st question: Why I write? I write because, for me, writing is necessity as breathing. Music … … Continue reading

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Neverland / Nedodjija

WP kurs, 17 – i dan: mapa kao inspiracija (muza). Nedodjija – pesma napisana na danasnju temu: mapa kao muza (inspiracija). ______________________________ WP Course, Day 17th: A map as your muse.  So mystical. It looks billion light years away. Kindness, … Continue reading

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In the cloud of thoughts / U oblaku misli

WP kurs, 16-ti dan: Istrazite sopstveni radni materijal za pisanje (Odabrana tema: Oblak Oznaka na blogu) Kratak tekst o oznakama koje sam koristila, sta mislim o znacaju tzv. oblaka kao i mogucnostima njegovog poboljsanja.  _______________________________ WP Course, 16th Day: Mine … Continue reading

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Preciousness of feedback / Vaznost povratne informacije

Zahvaljujuci Duletu i njegovom komentaru na jucerasnji post – imam temu za danasnji zadatak: kratak tekst o dragocenosti povratnih informacija citalaca / dragih mi blogera ❤ . Hvala Dule i veliki pozdrav 🙂 ! _______________________________ WP Course, 15th Day: Take a cue from your readers … Continue reading

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