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Besmrtnost / Immortality

Oj, narode moj ! Neko je primetio, neko verovatno nije da su u poslednjih mesec dana tekstovi na blogu uglavnom bili na engleskom jeziku. U pitanju je bio jedan od WP (WordPress) kurseva . Kako sam uopšte došla na ideju da … Continue reading

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Music – more than inspiration… / Muzika – vise od inspiracije…

WP course, Day 18: Compose a series of anecdotes which ere connected with some tie. Music … I don’t like it, I love it… My 1st day and the 1st question: Why I write? I write because, for me, writing is necessity as breathing. Music … … Continue reading

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When you have a little patience

WP course, 14th day: Recreate a single day Nice, sunny day in November. I finally had my coffee break  in the middle of the day: long espresso with milk, sweet pastry and glass of water. And last but not least, … Continue reading

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Instead classical letter / Umesto klasicnog pisma (bilingual post / dvojezicni post)

WP course, Day 8, Reinvent the letter format Dear all, In every assignment, basically, we talk about inspiration. I was thinking all day about today’s prompt: writing a letter. Letter to whom, why, what, how ? To someone that I know, … Continue reading

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Hope (Dust in the wind)

(Writing 101, 3rd Day assignment: One-word inspiration) For you and me, for all of us. For dust in the wind  and salt in the ocean. For the Earth and some her beautiful creatures. For the cry from wilderness and For the … Continue reading

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