Black, white & something between

Black and white cats

Black and white cats

“If everything isn’t black and white, I say, ‘Why the hell not?”John Wayne 

One of many bakeries in Belgrade. Very fancy. A little bit expensive for our (Serbian) standard of living but with fine quality of goods and service and with excellent space for having breakfast, (some kind of) lunch or for short daily breaks with friends, family, colleagues….

“There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white.” Lisa Ling

I usually come here in the middle of the workdays as I done today. I like this friendly atmosphere with nice bakery staff. Here I am like a “part of the inventory” 🙂 (that’s what we say when we are often guest somewhere, for example; kind of Serbian idioms).

“Human nature is not black and white but black and grey.” Graham Gree

At the entrance I met two good – looking guys (employees) in black T – shirts. They usually make my coffee and bring it to me. They already know what kind of coffee I drink. Other employees, very sweet & polite girls are in white clothes.  So, we have combination of black & white working uniforms.

”’Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find ?”, Ridley Scot

“Hi, guys 🙂 . How are you?”

“Fine, thanks. How are you?”

“I feel a little bit tired. Don’t know why…”

“Maybe because of the spring, weather… Many of us feel the same.”

“Yeah, maybe 🙂 .”

“Some white people hate black people, and some white people love black people, some black people hate white people, and some black people love white people. So you see it’s not an issue of black and white, it’s an issue of Lovers and Haters.” Eden Ahbez

“What do you want to eat today?”

“Well, two French pastries, one with spinach & cheese and other with ham and oregano. Also I like one small yogurt, usual coffee and pitcher of water, please.”

I paid, of course, and after a while I get my order on the table. Time for a break and enjoy the meal could begin.

“I work in colour sometime, but I guess the images I most connect to, historically speaking, are in black and white. I see more in black and white – I like the abstraction of it.”Mary Ellen Mark

And yes, I like to spend some money and time there. I feel good and respected and love that feeling. Welcome to one part of my little black & white world with a lot of colour between these boundaries.

The great thing about getting older is that you become more mellow. Things aren’t as black and white, and you become much more tolerant. You can see the good in things much more easily rather than getting enraged as you used to do when you were young.” Meave Binchy.

Written by: Tatjana MB

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