Neverland / Nedodjija

WP kurs, 17 – i dan: mapa kao inspiracija (muza).

Nedodjija – pesma napisana na danasnju temu: mapa kao muza (inspiracija).


WP Course, Day 17th: A map as your muse. 

So mystical.

It looks billion light years away.

Kindness, honesty, humanity.

Without lies, wars, criminal or murders.

Without hunger, abuse, sense of unhappiness.

With no selfishness and narrowness of mind and soul.

Without egos.

With no materialism and looting.

Nothing belongs to us.

We are just passers-by.

Far away from Neverland.

Far away from the children’s innocents in our lost souls.

Written by Tatjana MB, 24.11.2015.
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