Beyond the words

WP course, 9th Day, Writing and not writing.

When I don’t write I like to do some other creative things. About some of them I was writing on the blog but most of them I didn’t mention. I like cooking, sewing, making collage, photos, like long walks and some sports, love recycling etc. Bellow you could see few images about some of my hobbies. Hope you will enjoy !

Some of my collages:

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And some photos:

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4 Responses to Beyond the words

  1. vesna says:

    ovo kao da sam ja, samo talentiranija od mene 🙂

    • tatjanamb says:

      😀 Uopce ne sumnjam da si talentirana, zaista :OK: . Svi koje ovdje srecem stvarno imaju dara za mnogo sto sta. Mozda je najveci problem sto su 24h nedovoljna, a zivot takav da u njega ne mozemo sve smjestiti koliko god da nam lezi, tako da se def neceg moram odreci ili delat u fazama. Sve ne mogu stici pa da se na teme postavim 🙂 .

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